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 TheSunNews - Star-led band lands in North Myrtle Beach 27/08/10

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MessageSujet: TheSunNews - Star-led band lands in North Myrtle Beach 27/08/10   Dim 29 Aoû 2010 - 10:35

Citation :
Star-led band lands in North Myrtle Beach
By Chris Mowder
It's 30 Seconds to Mars, and it's six days until the rock band hits the House of Blues stage.But while local fans are counting down to the show, the band has been counting up the accolades. Since the release of its 2009 album, "This Is War," 30 Seconds to Mars has produced two No. 1 songs on the Billboard Alternative Songs charts, been nominated for three MTV Video Music Awards and crossed four continents on an epic tour.The band, which consists of famous frontman Jared Leto, his brother Shannon and guitarist Tomo Milicevic, is in the middle of the 13 month-long Into The Wild Tour that kicked off a new North American leg in Mexico City last night.

Q. Where are you at today?
We're actually in Tel Aviv, Israel, getting ready to play a show here. We got to get out and see Jerusalem a little bit and that was a first for me. Just a crazy and enlightening experience.

Q. How's the Into the Wild tour going so far?

It's going great. "This Is War" has brought us the greatest touring experience we've had so far as a band. We're pretty much touring the whole year, and it's been just amazing, but really we're just getting started. We're just about to head into the second leg of the U.S. tour now and we've had two No. 1 records in the U.S., a new single "Closer to the Edge" just released and we're nominated for a couple VMAs.

Q. So you're nominated for a couple MTV Video Music Awards. Will you be at the show?
Yeah, we're going to make the trip to L.A. We were there once before with "The Kill" in 2006 and have gone to a couple in Europe as well. Awards shows are fun, but - I'm not sure I should say this - it just kind of feels more like work.

Q. You are about halfway through more than a year straight of touring. What prompted you guys to be so ambitious with the schedule this time around?

It's something we've always wanted to do. We're very much a live band, and touring is where it's at for us and so we just went out and did it.To us, touring is like a celebration and a reward for all the effort spent making the record, and so we definitely enjoy it when we get the chance. Even once this is over we're already booked through well into next summer.

Q. You were born in Bosnia. Is your European background part of the reason you guys tour so extensively overseas?
Really, we tour everywhere quite a bit, but there's just been some great opportunities for us in Europe and we're glad to take advantage of them. At the end of the year we head back here to Germany and England to do basically a sold-out arena tour and it doesn't get much better than that.

Q. With all that touring, do you ever get to stop and enjoy any of these great cities, or is it pretty much just playing and traveling?
Oh it's a lot of work, and there's definitely a lot of playing and traveling, but still we love to experience these places through the audience and the things we pick up through doing shows. It's a lot of hanging out and meeting people at the shows and just getting to see the culture in a whole different way through them.

Q. Do you guys still feel pretty proud of what you accomplished with "This is War" or
are you already starting to looking toward that next thing?
That conversation definitely is starting to happen, but really for us it's crazy to think that "This Is War" has been out nearly a year because it still feels so fresh to us. Since we've been on the road the entire time and it's still very fresh in our minds and it's really about the live show and focusing on the night to night experience of that. But we are surely creative beings and we're always creating and having that conversation about what's next. But in some ways it's like you said, once we get a project out, it's like we forget about it because it's like it doesn't belong to us anymore, from that point the fans take it and make it their own.

Q. 30 Second to Mars has done some pretty innovative fan interaction. Tell me about the Faces of Mars project.
Well, first we did what we called The Summit, where we invited people from all over to come out and sing on the record, and that was really successful.It's like from there the next logical step was to have people put their faces on the album and really just be part of
what we were doing.

Q. Why do you think it's so important to give fans these ways to interact and build the community the way you guys have?

For us, that line of communication, it's always been open and it has always been an important part of the 30 Seconds to Mars experience and so we've found different ways to make that happen.Really, we are interested in what people have to say and things like the summit, "Faces of Mars" and the missions just enrich the community and rather than being a one-way experience, it's something we want our fans to really be a part of. I think with every record you kill a part of your past and we've definitely lost some fans with this record, but when you do that, you gain others. It's just the natural cycle of things. I think we literally have one of the widest demographics of any band out there. ... I can't tell you how many times I've seen a 60-year-old grandma and a 10-year-old kid rocking out together at a show.Q. I read that you have been working on a documentary called "Artifact" the past couple of years. What's that all about and when should folks expect to see it?
It's a movie that Jared [Leto] has been working on ever since we started making "This Is War." We got to work with [producers] Flood and Steve LillyWhite and all this, so we just wanted to document the experience.We'll see what happens, but it should be really interesting. I'm not sure when exactly it's coming, but it'll probably be the end of this year or the start of next.

Q. What should folks in Myrtle Beach expect when you step on stage?

Total insanity. That's the simplest way to explain it. Our goal is to make people completely forget about everything and just lose themselves in the 30 Seconds to Mars experience. We've been to Myrtle Beach a couple times before, so I think people know us there by now. Plus, it's my birthday the next day, so there's that.


j'envoie la trad asap
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MessageSujet: Re: TheSunNews - Star-led band lands in North Myrtle Beach 27/08/10   Dim 29 Aoû 2010 - 10:46


J'ai survolé mais c'est la même que *LA* il me semble...

C'est seulement une itw de Tomo, et il y a la même erreur mot pour mot entre la croatie et la bosnie... ^^
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MessageSujet: Re: TheSunNews - Star-led band lands in North Myrtle Beach 27/08/10   Dim 29 Aoû 2010 - 10:48

WOOPS oui c'est la même j'étais passé à côté du topic pardon bon bah je traduis quand même, faudra supprimer ce topic > <
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MessageSujet: Re: TheSunNews - Star-led band lands in North Myrtle Beach 27/08/10   

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TheSunNews - Star-led band lands in North Myrtle Beach 27/08/10
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